Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Amazing New Gadget

Apple has just released details about their new iPod products. The entire line of iPod will have lots of newer, smaller, faster features that are pretty fancy. However, the real show stopper is the Apple TV! (

This little gadget will allow instant movie and TV show rentals. You can access Netflix, YouTube, etc. It also interfaces with a remote app for iPod, iPhone, or iPad that can be used to control the device from the comfort of you couch. You can also stream content from you Apple mobile device via AirPlay.

The new fangled gadget is priced at $99!

How does this translate to EPS and share value?

Traders are reacting negatively to the official news, with an intra-day high of ~ $241.40. However, the stock is still up 2.41%, for the day, as of 2:52 pm. Not too bad, but the Nasdaq is up 2.58% during the same amount of time. So, looks like traders don't see the added value of these new products.

Time will tell if Apple can pull in significant new earnings. I can say that they will soon have $99 coming their way, from MY wallet!

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  1. Wow! $99 isn't bad. Especially when some iPods are still going for around $300. Let us know if it's worth the dough.