Monday, September 6, 2010

Basics of Investing Online Tips (attached file)

I am asked daily what a person should do if they want to invest online. So, due to overwhelming demand, I have created a list of things that all curious people/wanabee investors/veterans of the game should be looking at and doing on a regular basis. These are things that will give you an edge and help you outperform the markets. Please open the attached PDF. You will see a list of media links that will keep you informed on market moving news, earnings schedules, economic report shedules and loads of useless information too. There are links to a couple of useful stock screeners, free charts and links to some of the major retail brokerage houses. I have also included a bunch of links to places that provide lots of research and education, free. I use all of these links on a daily basis. So, you're welcome!

Basics of Investing Online Tips.pdf

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  1. Looks good! Someday we might have some money to invest so I'll keep following this!