Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I can resist it no longer

After a long time of suffering with the desire to create a blog and share my 2 cents worth of opinion and experience with the world I have decided to begin this blog. I will attempt to empty some of the financial nerdiness that has been cooped up in my head for the last few years. Most of this knowledge is the result of endless hours of staring into the black-hole that is the stock market and its periphery. Some of the knowledge is a result of more endless hours staring into mind numbing text books and websites in an attempt to qualify myself as someone that knows something about anything and is therefore worthy to earn an honest wage.

All seriousness aside. I have become deeply interested in the world of business and finance and will use this blog to infiltrate the minds of any poor, unsuspecting fools that stumble upon this site with information that I have found to be valuable and hopefully interesting to someone beside myself!