Friday, November 26, 2010

A Product so Cool I Had to Buy It! iPod Nano Watch

Every once in a blue moon you come across a product that is innovative and exciting. A product that catches your attention and makes you come up with all of the reasons that you really have to own it, even though you know that it is totally frivolous. Yesterday I noticed a post on my Twitter feed talking about this watch,

The product is mostly just a really cool looking watch strap that an iPod Nano hooks to. I think it is a pretty cool idea. The thing that is most exciting about the product is the way that it was funded. The designer, Scott Wilson, came up with the idea and pitched it to They have posted Scott's video on their site and asked for viewers to "support" the product launch. Essentially buyers are pre-ordering the product. This allows Scott to cover his manufacturing costs up-front and avoid the troubles associated with raising operating capital for the project. Originally Scott set a goal of $15,000 for the project. As of a few minutes ago, when I pledged my $50, the total money pledged was $395,118! looks like Scott will have plenty of demand to get this thing up and going!

I love to see this kind of entrepreneurship alive and well in the world. I would love to see more companies/people get their projects up and running this way. The key: come up with a truly unique and innovative idea/product, get people to share it with their friends and deliver on your promise! Way to go Scott!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bullish Put Options: A good way to buy stocks

Last week I talked about how to buy call options in order to take advantage of rising stock prices without having to buy the stock outright. This week I want to talk about another way to take advantage of a bullish move on a stock. This strategy is called writing put options. A broker will tell you that this is very risky. However, with a good understanding of risk management any investor can become proficient at writing put options without losing his shirt. You can see the entire post at: If you had taken my suggestion on the post about writing the Jan 2011 $280 puts, you would have a profit of about $400 right now. In one week!